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Welcome to CHOICES Sexual Health

Whoever you are, whatever you do and regardless of when you do it, we are here for you - no symptoms necessary (and no referral required). We're conveniently located in Chatswood, so you can drop-in - or drop us us a note - anytime!

Contact us for services such as:

  • STI/STD screening/testing & treatment,
  • Contraception advice,
  • Unplanned pregnancy help or prevention,
  • Pap smears,
  • HEP-B and HPV vaccination,
  • Men’s health,
  • Women’s health,
  • Adolescent health

Talk to us

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*Extended clinic hours on Tuesday and Thursday until 8pm or Saturday until 6pm*

Want an STI check?
  • Choices Sexual Health is part of Clinic 66; a leading specialised primary care practice providing all reproductive and sexual health services . We are pleased to see clients who dont have symptoms, but do want to be screened and checked despite being completely well. We offer consultations 6 days per week and all are welcome, regardless of gender preference, cultural background, or sexual practice, or whether with Medicare or not. Immunisation against some transmissable infections is available including Hep B and HPV.